Hey Journey,

As I think about the 2021 Year of Ministry at our church the words that have cemented in my heart are “Decade” and “Deuteronomy.”

In September of 2021, we celebrated a “Decade” in ministry at Journey, and what a 10 years it has been! When we launched our church in September 2011, we were chasing the mission of Sharing Jesus, seeing people experience Spiritual Growth, we wanted to have both Community Impact and Global Impact through our Generosity and our serving, and we desired to see a church where Multiplication of our faith and our impact poured into the lives of others.

As we enter our second decade of ministry we continue to pursue those six “Core Beliefs” at the heart of our church, but we celebrate what your giving and faithfulness has done in the first decade of ministry:

  • More than 3,000 people who have publicly acknowledged making spiritual decisions through Journey ministries.
  • Nearly 750 public baptisms of those following Jesus.
  • The formation and launch of our “Discipleship Tracks” ministry that will create “disciples who make disciples”.
  • The launch of the Journey Impact Center to serve the needs of our community as well as thousands of hours of Community Service from our Congregation and nearly 100,000 pounds of food served to our community in the past 5 years.
  • The Total Village Transformation project completed in the Village of Las Sidras, Guatemala, and the nearly 400 people who have served on a Global Impact Trip since 2011.
  • The investment of more than $2.5 Million dollars of your giving into Community Impact, Global Impact, and Church-Planting the past decade.
  • The launch of the “Journey Intern Program,” which will become the future “Journey Ministry School,” with nearly 30 Summer college-aged Interns in 2021.

The word “Deuteronomy” is a word that means “2nd Law,” and it was given to the 2nd Generation of Israelites as they headed into the Promised Land at the end of their 40-Year Exodus. It was a new generation committed to the original call and promise of God. As the 4th Quarter of 2021 happened at Journey I felt like Moses before a new generation of church-planters, more than 1000 strong, called to the original mission and vision that God called our church to a decade earlier. Hundreds of new volunteers engaged in our mission and our church became an army on-mission as we moved into our new building in December with the mindset that “It’s all about Jesus!” We are not starting over, but the 2nd Generation of our church has begun with a fresh wind of fire and faith from God, and I cannot wait to see what God will do in Decade #2 for our community, City, and world through our church.

I love you Journey – and I am so grateful that my family and I are a part of your church. I am thrilled to be on mission with you. I am so grateful for your giving and faithfulness.  I am ready again to claim the promise of the Vision and Mission God has called us to pursue.

Thank you for ministry for Jesus in 2021!  Let’s do it again in 2022!

Pastor Christian




Spiritual Decisions


Invested Into Local and Global Missions


People Served on Global Impact Trips


Parent/Child Dedications

When it comes to finances at JCI, we take the words of Jesus very seriously!  In Matthew 25, He teaches a very important lesson about financial stewardship, specifically addressing the way money was handled. We want to be on the receiving end of hearing, “well done good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.” In other words, we believe that money follows ministry and not vice versa!

Our Church Leadership strives to practice sound financial stewardship year after year. The Elder Team provides oversight to review and ensure that the right financial policies and procedures exist and are followed. These practices allow us to pursue the mission and vision that God has called our church to accomplish by maximizing every dollar that is given.

As you review the Annual Report, here are some key highlights of how I believe God is rewarding us with more “responsibility” in 2021:

  • Our general giving was up over 15% from previous year, during a global pandemic and during a building campaign.
  • Our operating budget ended at 84% of our general revenue.
  • We were able to inject $545,000 in cash from our operating budget into our Difference Maker Building Project.  [$1.3M over last 3 years]
  • As of December 31, 2021, we have collected nearly $10M of our $10.7M pledge for the Difference Maker building project.
  • We completed our Building Project under budget and on time, which is nothing short of miraculous in the construction environment today.
  • We invested $504,000 into Global Impact, Community Impact, and Church Planting, surpassing $2.6M in our history to date.

Thank you so much for your generosity and believing in the mission and vision of our church.  We value every dollar that is entrusted to us, and we steward it for maximum impact!

We hope that you will join us in celebrating all that God has done!  You can see below the percentages of where we spent money in 2021 by category.  If you place your cursor over the graph, you will see an actual dollar amount that was spent in each category.  If you have any questions regarding finances at JCI, I would be honored to talk to you and answer any question that you may have.


Pastor Scott Courtney
Executive Pastor of Administration


Missions – $504,000 | Facilities – $355,000 | Capital Investments – $510,600 | Labor – $1,274,000 | Operations – $729,400


Volunteers – $71,000 | Weekend Worship $235,000 | Spiritual Growth / Leadership Development – $142,000 | Communication – $69,000 | Administration – $212,400




Spiritual Decisions


Invested Into Local and Global Missions


People Served on Global Impact Trips


Parent/Child Dedications