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Should I redirect my regular giving to the campaign?

No. A financial investment in the Difference Maker Campaign involves giving above and beyond your regular tithes and offerings. At Journey, we believe that biblical generosity always includes a portion (obedience that always leads me to give the first portion to the Lord out of what He gives to me and often begins with 10%) and sometimes is sacrificial (Spirit-led generosity that occasionally calls me to give more than I think I can to respond to what God is asking me to do in faith). We are stepping out in faith together about Spirit-led sacrificial investment in the Difference Maker Campaign.

How will I give my financial pledge?

Gifts can be given weekly, monthly, annually, or through a one-time amount. Ways to give: Automatic contributions can be set up online at takethejourney.cc/give, give through the offering in service, online bill pay or the mail, or give via stocks, bonds, assets.  When giving online, you can designate your giving to the “Difference Makers Building Campaign.”  When giving in the offering, please always notate your giving as “Difference Makers Building Campaign” on your gifts or envelopes. For help with giving, let us know.

How will we pay for this project?

If God allows us to reach our goal of $8 million to $9 million pledged toward the Difference Maker Campaign, the difference between our pledge amount and the cost of the project will be funded by Journey’s available cash on hand and long-term financing. If there is a need for additional financing, our Elders, Finance Team, and Ministry Consultants will meet together to determine a responsible and manageable level of financing that can be paid off in full over the course of 10 years or sooner through the regular tithes and offerings of our church.

When will construction begin and finish?

Pending the outcome of our Difference Maker Campaign, construction would begin in Spring/Summer of 2020 and, Lord willing, be complete in September of 2021 on Journey’s 10-year anniversary.

Contact us if you have questions or need help with your gift.

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