Welcome to the Journey Internship program – thanks for checking us out! We’ve got a lot going on here at Journey and we want you to be a part of it. Regardless of your interests and abilities, we have roles that will not only strengthen your talents, but also deepen your walk with Christ.

The Internship Program at Journey exists to train, equip, challenge, and coach students who are pursuing a call to work in ministry by providing them with ministry exposure, mentorship, and hands-on learning opportunities.


Internships at Journey are for college-aged adults (18-24) wishing to explore a call to full-time ministry. We have two different levels of our intern program:

LEVEL 1 | College Apprenticeship
  • 8 to 20 hours a week (hours based on ministry position)
  • Mentorship & accountability from a staff leader
  • Access to monthly Staff Church, intern trainings, and community
  • Experience and execute ministry-specific assignments & objectives
  • Unpaid role
LEVEL 2 | Resident Program
  • 20 hours a week (hours based on ministry position)
  • Mentorship & accountability from a staff leader
  • Access to monthly Staff Church, intern trainings, and community
  • Lead, oversee, and execute ministry specific assignments & objectives
  • Disciple and shepherd a group of people and learn to develop leaders
  • Paid role (hourly rate up to 20 hours/week)


Within the two different levels of the internship program, interns will have the opportunity to experience as much ministry exposure as possible in the primary area they choose. Ministry areas and sample positions they could include are

Student Production Intern, Student Worship Leader, Student Discipleship Leader, Student Admin

Kids Social Content Coordinator, Kids Discipleship Leader, Kids Worship Team, Kids Production, Kids Curriculum Coordinator

Production, Worship Team, Video Content Creator, Graphic Designer, Social Media Content Manager, PR & Communications

Pastoral Office Assistant, Team Administrator, Event Coordinator, Project Manager

Community Impact Coordinator, Local Relations Manager, Global Impact Coordinator



Discover your design and how to step into the purpose God created you for. All of our interns at Journey will get an opportunity to go through our Growth Track, which is a five-step process to help you know God, make a difference, and follow Jesus.


Students going through our internship program will have countless opportunities to participate in both large- and small-group leadership training. Past development topics have included developing humility, unity, conflict resolution, and inter-personal skills; how to mentor/disciple others; how to create a budget for ministry (and life!); creating an ideal week and practicing healthy rhythms; how to lead a volunteer/team meeting; etc.


We’re blessed to have connections and partnerships with a number of high-level leaders from all across the country. Whenever possible, we make an effort to connect our interns in a small group format to these leaders to give them an opportunity to answer questions and gain wisdom. Leaders who have visited in the past include Jimmy Dodd, CEO & founder of PastorServe; Mac Lake, founder of The Multiply Group; and Marcellus Casey, COO of The Hope Center and chaplain to the Kansas City Chiefs.


Here at Journey, we believe one of the best ways to learn is to do for ourselves. As an intern with us, you will have plenty of opportunities to shadow and dialogue with ministry leaders, as well as dive in to do the work of ministry! We focus on a practical, not theoretical, approach to learning and want you to be a part of projects that matter. From making Sunday services run to being the team liaison on a mission trip, you will have the opportunity to not only serve, but to lead.


Aside from intern workshops and trainings, every intern is also assigned to a mentor on our ministry staff team. Your mentor will be a seasoned leader in your ministry area of choice and will have weekly one-on-ones with you to help train you, debrief after events, answer questions, and pour into you spiritually. Your mentor will help coach you and hold you accountable, while also encouraging and equipping you to step into a leadership role and bring fresh ideas to the table.


We believe your spiritual community is a critical part of a successful career, regardless of where you go in life, and a foundational element of a healthy walk with Jesus. Interns at Journey aren’t just colleagues – they’re friends as well. From attending regular Journey Young Adults gatherings to going to concerts and on road trips together, nearly all of our past interns have developed lifelong friendships while a part of the internship program.

Want to be a Journey intern?