Learn more about what the Jesus Track has to offer and explore the groups available within this Track.


In this group, you’ll walk in Jesus’ life through the eyes of several of His disciples. Through these different accounts, you’ll get a wholistic view of Jesus’ life and ministry. You’ll also dive deeper into some of Jesus’ most famous sermons and discover their lasting impact on our lives today. Group options include a larger, mixed group that will meet on Sunday evenings at 6:30 p.m., and a smaller, ladies-only group that will meet Monday mornings at 10:00 a.m. Both groups will meet at our church in Lee’s Summit.


Christianity 101 is designed to help new followers of Jesus or people who would like to be more grounded in the foundational truths of Christianity. We have a number of trained leaders who are passionate about helping you foster a deep love for Jesus. These groups meet at various times throughout the week.


Do you want to get to know Jesus better and more deeply? Small groups in our Jesus Track are designed to help you fall in love with Jesus and grow in your relationship with Him. Our passionate team of leaders will help you take a deep-dive into the life of Jesus by guiding you through select scriptures and books in the Bible. Our hope is that by growing your knowledge of who Jesus was and the life He lived, your love and commitment to Him will also grow. Give us a year in the this Track, and we promise you’ll know, love, and follow Jesus on a whole new level.

All Jesus Track groups have options for men’s small groups, women’s small groups, and couples’ small groups. Keep scrolling for more info about the groups available within the Jesus Track.

Group Childcare

Limited childcare is available for children aged six weeks through 5th grade for small groups that meet at Journey in Lee’s Summit. Childcare is first come, first served for those who register and pay ahead of time. Note that Monday night childcare is ONLY for Care Groups, and does not require payment (but advanced registration is still required.)

The cost of childcare for this semester is:

Groups meeting 8-10 weeks: $30 per family
Groups meeting 11-12 weeks: $35 per family
Groups meeting 13-14 weeks: $40 per family

NOTE: Sunday and Tuesday evening childcare is full. You can still pre-register to be added to our wait list. You will not have to pay with your registration.

If you’re in need of childcare, please indicate this in the appropriate field on the individual group registration forms. You will be taken through an additional process after you register for a group to sign up and pay for childcare.


You don’t need any special experience or knowledge to be a group leader. All you need is a heart for Jesus and a willingness to let God use you in new ways.