Are your kids ready to read the Bible in a year?

We’re challenging our entire church to read the Bible cover to cover in 2023, and that includes your kids! Find out more info below.


Our prayer and hope as a ministry is to encourage and equip parents as spiritual leaders, to introduce kids to other adults who show Jesus through the way they lead and teach, and to connect kids to age-appropriate teaching so they can learn about Jesus!


When you arrive for your first visit, someone on our team will show you to our children’s area. Our children’s team will meet you at our First-Time Guest Children’s Check-in area. You’ll be asked to answer a few questions about your family, information like: your name, your phone number, how many children you have, their names, birthdates, and any allergies or special instructions. You can also pre-register today. (Pre-registration must be received no later than 7 a.m. on the Sunday you plan to attend.) When you pre-register you will save a little bit of time for your family and our team will walk you through our regular check-in process.

Each checked-in child will receive a name tag with a security code. Parents will receive a matching security code. If for any reason we need to contact you during the service, your child’s security code will appear on the screen in the main auditorium. If you see your child’s security code, please exit the auditorium and head to their room. Parents must have their security code for pick-up. If you no longer have your security code, you will be asked to show your ID at First-Time Guest Children’s Check-in.


Journey Junior (Birth-Kindergarten):

Infants/Toddlers: Our amazing team of volunteers will take excellent care of your little one while you attend service. As your child grows, our volunteers focus on play with a purpose while starting to introduce Bible stories and activities. Please label bottles, diaper bags, and pacifiers before drop-off.

Preschool/Pre-K/K (3-5 years old, potty trained): Children will start in their classroom with activities that introduce the Bible story, then move to large group time for worship songs, Bible story, and offering. They will return to their classroom for snack and fun activities that reinforce the Bible story.

Journey Kids (1st-5th Grade):

1st-3rd Grade: Children will begin by creating connections with their leaders and other kids within their grade level. First graders through third graders will come together for high-energy worship, interactive Bible teaching, prayer, and offering. After large group, children will close their time together by reviewing the Bible story and participating in activities that reinforce the Bible story with their grade level.

4th Grade/5th Grade: Our oldest kids have an opportunity to connect in an exciting environment! When kids arrive 15 minutes early to service, they can play games, and meet new friends. Once service begins, they’ll enjoy worship, Bible story, and guided discussion with other students and small group leaders.


We believe everyone should know how to read their Bible and read it daily. Your kids are no exception! Taking your child through the entire Bible may sound intimidating, but we’re here to help. In 2023, we’re following two different age-appropriate plans that will make reading and leading your children through the Bible easy and fun!

For Journey Jr. (birth through kindergarten):

Download the Bible App for Kids by YouVersion. This will take your child through 41 key stories of the Bible in a fun, easy-to-understand format. You can also purchase the accompanying story Bible to use with your children. Note that since there are 41 stories, your child will not be reading content every day. We recommend focusing on one story for a week or two before having your child move on to the next story.

iPhone    |    Android

For JKids (1st grade through 5th grade):

JKids can follow along with you in YouVersion’s Bible App! Follow the steps above to download the Bible App and create an account. Once that’s set up, navigate to “More ☰” on the bottom right of the app. Scroll down and click on “⚙︎ Settings.” Under the Account section, select “Kids Bible Experience.” Make sure it’s toggled to the on position.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll see the kids’ verse of the day by scrolling to the bottom of the YouVersion home screen.

Recommended Bibles for kids:

If you haven’t joined our adult Bible reading plan, make sure you do that as well! Click here for more info.


Our church desires to partner with parents to share Jesus with their children! We know that two combined influences will make a greater impact and here are some easy ways to begin the partnership:

  • Pick a consistent service time to help your child build a relationship with their Small Group Leader and other children.
  • Stay connected to small group leaders and other parents by joining our JCI Parent Partnership Facebook group.
  • Make sure you are receiving our weekly parent email. Fill out this form to be added to the mailing list.
  • Pray for your children as they learn within our church and as they connect to others and Jesus.


Child Dedication

Child dedications are an opportunity for parents to share their faith with friends and family and have their community pray specifically for their child! (Luke 2:22-40) Click here to receive more information about our child dedication services.

Best.Day.Ever. Party

Our Best.Day.Ever. Party is designed to partner with parents as they walk their kids through their personal decision to follow Jesus. Children who have made the personal decision to follow Jesus and are interested in getting baptized are invited to join. Click here to register for our next Best. Day. Ever. Party.


Want to serve with kids? Great! We’re always looking for new volunteers to help out in our kids ministry. We have serving roles available for all interests and ages, including room leaders, group worship leaders, service coordinators, curriculum preppers, check-in assistants, admin roles, and more. Please fill out this form if you’re interested in or want more information about serving with Journey Kids in any way.


A nursing mother’s area is located in our kids’ wing. Our children’s team can walk you to the room at any time during the service.