ABOUT: Village Transformation is a unique opportunity World Help offers to partner with a village in a developing country. Through Village Transformation Projects, the adopting church will help provide the adopted village’s most urgent needs, such as a school, homes, clean water, and medical clinics. This is a unique opportunity because it provides the chance for long-term partnership and impact. 

JCI has adopted the village of Las Sidras in Guatemala for the Total Village Transformation Project. In the coming years, JCI will be taking one to two trips per year to Las Sidras in order to build relationships and continue to share the gospel. 

  • 2018 Impact: JCI made its first contact with the community in Las Sidras and started the relationship building process. Each day during the trip we made home visits to introduce our church and explain what our purpose in being there was. The first task accomplished was some school renovations. An additional classroom space was built, and the school received a fresh coat of paint. On second contact, Journey administered medical care to the community through a medical clinic. Many people received antibiotics, vitamins, and other simple over-the-counter medications. A security fence was placed around the school as well. 
  • 2019 Impact: Journey continued to build rapport and deepen impact by taking 40 people down to minister to the people of Las Sidras.  In the span of two trips, 300 bags of food were distributed, 3 small homes were built, 400 individuals passed through the medical clinic, and 57 children were sponsored.  We were able to spiritually invest through the construction of a church building, preparing and putting on a VBS for the children, supporting the local pastor and sharing the Gospel. 

How YOU can partner with Las Sidras: 

  • PRAY: 
    • Pray that God would continue to draw the people of Las Sidras to Himself. Pray that they would feel Jesus’ love for them through the care of our church. 
    • Pray for the families in Las Sidras, and that God would continue to provide for each family according to their needs. 
    • Pray for the presence of strong Christian leaders in Las Sidras to lead the people spiritually and show them the love of Jesus. 
    • You can sponsor a child from Las Sidras! Child sponsorship is an amazing opportunity to impact the lives of children and their families. Your sponsorship will provide each child durable clothing, nutritious food, school supplies, but most importantly, you will share with them the love of Jesus. If you are interested in learning more about child sponsorship, click HERE. 
  • GIVE: 
    • The first 15% of every offering goes to community impact, global impact, and church planting. When you give to JCI, you are making an investment in Las Sidras.
  • GO:
    • You can serve in Las Sidras on a JCI Global Impact trip. Click HERE to apply! 

ABOUT: World Help is a Christian humanitarian aid organization that aims to serve the physical and spiritual needs of those in poverty around the world. Beginning in 1991 with the distribution of Bibles in Eastern Europe, World Help has developed into an organization whose impact extends across 71 different countries. Today, World Help mobilizes people for Bible distribution, church planting, humanitarian aid, and child sponsorship. 

To date, World Help’s impact includes: 

  • 960 clean water wells provided
  • $181 million of humanitarian aid distributed 
  • 56,500 child sponsorships facilitated 
  • 3,287 children rescued from malnutrition
  • 83.037 churches planted
  • 10 million plus Bibles distributed
  • 82 million lives impacted for Jesus 

How YOU can partner with World Help: 

  • PRAY: 
    • Pray that God would continue to lead World Help to countries and individuals in need. Pray that many might come to know Jesus through World Help’s ministry. 
    • Pray for wisdom and resources as World Help provides humanitarian aid, and pray for favor as they share the Gospel. 
    • Pray that God might send more people to partner with World Help through child and village sponsorship, donations, and prayer. 
  • ENGAGE: 
    • Visit the World Help website to watch videos, see pictures, donate, and learn more about how you can take part in this ministry. https://worldhelp.net/
    • Sign up for World Help newsletters and emails by visiting the World Help website. 
    • Child Sponsorship: Visit https://worldhelp.net/sponsor/ to learn about World Help’s child sponsorship opportunities in Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, and the Middle East. You can also sponsor a child through in JCI’s partner village, Las Sidras, in Guatemala!
  • GO: 
    • Medical Trips – If you are a medical professional and want to use your gifts to serve on the mission field, World Help mobilizes groups medical teams to serve in Guatemala twice each year. Visit https://worldhelp.net/trips/ for more information. 

ABOUT: The mission of Hope of Life is to save the lives of the most vulnerable in Guatemala and serve them with the love of Jesus. Founder, Carlos Vargas, began the ministry after turning his life around in 1987 and promising God he would use his resources to serve those in need. The ministry began by meeting the needs of elderly individuals who were homeless, abandoned, and desperate. Today, Hope of Life serves thousands of people in Guatemala each year by rescuing orphans, special needs children, elderly individuals, and malnourished babies. 

Child Rescue
In remote villages of Guatemala, many children are suffering from malnutrition. Hope of Life has teams that find and rescue these kids. The child and their mother are brought to the hospital on the Hope of Life campus to receive life saving nourishment. 

Safe Haven Village
Many children in need, such as children who have been rescued from abusive situations, or children who have been orphaned, are taken to live on the Hope of Life campus at Safe Haven Village. Safe Haven Village partakes in “family-style” orphan care, meaning the each child lives in a home with a mother and father figure. A married couple will dedicate their lives to take in up to eight children and provide a safe home where they learn about Jesus. 

Elderly Home
The ministry to the elderly has evolved from meeting the needs of a few homeless individuals to loving, housing, and ministering to hundreds of elderly people in a safe home. The people in the elderly home receive love, community, medical care, and much more. 

Kelly’s House
Kelly’s House is a home that rescues, houses, and provides the needed care for children with special needs. Children with severe physical and mental disabilities are some of the most marginalized in Central America. At Kelly’s House, they receive daily needs, therapy, nutrition, community, and love. 

How YOU can partner with Hope of Life: 

  • PRAY: 
    • Pray that God would continue to use Hope of Life that many might come to know Jesus in Guatemala. 
    • Pray for the HOL Leadership, founder Carlos Vargas, and missionary families who have chosen to live at Hope of Life. Pray that God might send more people to partner with Hope of Life full time. 
    • Pray for more teams to search, locate, and rescue more malnourished babies and children in Guatemala. 
  • ENGAGE: 
  • GO:
    • Serve with Hope of Life! Click HERE to apply!

ABOUT: Tents of Mercy is a congregation of Messianic believers, which are Jewish people who accept Jesus as the Messiah. Founder, Eitan Shishkoff, had a vision in 1989 of an oasis in the desert. Eitan believes God had spoken to him about starting a place of refuge and healing, like an oasis in the desert, for Israeli citizens and exiles returning to Israel. Many people immigrating to Israel would come without any resources. Knowing this, the mission of Tents of Mercy is to reach Israel for Jesus by providing refuge, supplies, and healing. 

Humanitarian Aid: Tents of Mercy has a humanitarian aid warehouse that meets the needs of newly immigrated individuals. Food, clothing, household items, and toys are distributed to immigrants and those in need. In addition, Tents of Mercy provides short-term housing and job counseling. 

Katzir: Katzir is a national program that serves Israeli youth from the body of Messianic believers. The goal of Katzir is to invest in the future Jesus-following leaders of Israel and equip them to lead their generation. Katzir gathers youth multiple times per year for worship and dance, teaching and community. 

Pro-Life Ministry: Tents of Mercy serves as a maternity counseling office that encourages women to make pro-life decisions. The counseling is free and has greatly promoted the cause of the unborn. 

Soup Kitchen: The Tents of Mercy congregation in Nazareth saw a need to serve the poor in Nazareth. They started a soup kitchen that serves over 1,500 hot meals every month. This soup kitchen is run by local volunteers, and is a great ministry to the poor in Nazareth and the heavy Palestinian population that lives there. 

How YOU can partner with Tents Of Mercy: 

  • PRAY: 
    • Pray that the Jewish people would come to faith in Jesus as Messiah, and see the acceptance of Jesus as a completion of their “Jewishness.” Pray that God would use churches like Tents of Mercy to reach Jews. 
    • Pray for Eitan Shishkoff, Avi, and other Tents of Mercy leaders. 
    • Pray for Jewish exiles returning to Israel. Pray that God would lead them to humanitarian aid centers that preach the Gospel, like Tents of Mercy. 
  • ENGAGE: 
    • Visit the Tents of Mercy Website to learn more, watch sermons and videos, sign up for their newsletter, or to donate to their mission: https://www.tentsofmercy.org/
  • GIVE: 
    • The first 15% of every offering goes to community impact, global impact, and church planting. When you give to JCI, you are making an investment in Israel. 

ABOUT: Beit Eliyahu, meaning “House of Elijah” in Hebrew, is a congregation of Messianic believers in Israel, which are Jewish people who accept Jesus as the Messiah. The mission of Beit Eliyahu is to share Jesus in Israel and disciple Jews who believe Jesus is the promised Messiah. Shmuel Aweida has pastored this church since 1997, and is accompanied by Associate Pastor Philip Litle, who grew up in Harrisonville, MO, and Deacon Andrey Gorochov, a Russian immigrant who became a follower in Jesus after seeing the changes in his wife. In addition to having Sabbath services, Beit Eliyahu partners with a nearby elderly home called Ebenezer Home, and a mental health facility called Hod Dormitory. 

Ebenezer Home: Ebenezer Home is a senior citizen center located next to the Beit Eliyahu building. Ebenzer Home houses and serves many Messianic elderly individuals, many who are holocaust survivors. Several of the individuals that stay in Ebenezer home have been disowned by their families for their belief in Jesus. 

Hod Dormitory for Special Education: Hod Dormitory is located directly across the street from the Beit Eliyahu building and houses 112 residents with physical and mental disabilities. Beit Eliyahu sends volunteers to spend time with these individuals by participating in craft activities. 

How YOU can partner with Beit Eliyahu: 

  • PRAY: 
    • Pray that the Jewish people would come to faith in Jesus as Messiah, and see the acceptance of Jesus as a completion of their “Jewishness.” Pray that God would use churches like Beit Eliyahu to reach Jews. 
    • Pray for Pastor Shmuel Aweida, JCI partners Philip and Heidi Litle, and Andrey Gorochov as they lead the church. 
    • Pray for residents in Ebenezer Home and Hod Dormitory. Pray that they might know the love of Jesus by their neighbors at Beit Eliyahu. 
  • ENGAGE: 
  • GIVE: 
    • The first 15% of every offering goes to community impact, global impact, and church planting. When you give to JCI, you are making an investment in Israel. 

ABOUT: With Open Eyes is an organization that serves the unreached people of the world by spreading the news of Jesus Christ. They spread the gospel by teaching, equipping, and sending indigenous pastors and messengers out to spread the gospel. To this date, With Open Eyes has seen 496 churches planted, and seen 386,615 people saved by the good news of Jesus! 

In 2008, a mobile messengers ministry was started. Mobile Messengers provides people with motorcycles and other forms of transportation for the purpose of sharing the gospel. To this day, With Open Eyes has seen 458 messengers mobilized with transportation to share Jesus around Africa! 

How YOU can partner with With Open Eyes: 

  • PRAY: 
    • Pray that more messengers would be mobilized to share the Gospel around Rwanda and throughout Africa. Pray that many would be receptive to the Gospel, and for the safety of the messengers as they travel. 
    • Pray that God would raise up strong Christian leaders in Africa that help lead the nation to a stronger faith in Jesus. Pray for peace between pastors and government officials. 
    • Pray that the church would prevail amidst the difficulties and persecution faced by believers in Africa.  
    Visit their website at https://withopeneyes.net for more information.
  • GIVE: 
    • The first 15% of every offering goes to community impact, global impact, and church planting. When you give to JCI, you are making an investment in With Open Eyes.  


You can sponsor a child in our adopted village, Las Sidras and meet your child on a trip! Learn more about Child Sponsorship.


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