Journey Church International’s discipleship process is built around our Four Discipleship Tracks. These “Tracks” are built around Jesus, Scripture, Life, and Leadership. It is our goal that individuals complete all four of the Discipleship Tracks over a four-year period! Check out the videos and information below, and then select a Discipleship Track that fits your needs the best! 

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To know, love, & walk with Jesus daily


Developing a Biblical Worldview of Life


Applying Biblical Truth and Principles to Life Situations and Seasons


Building Disciple-makers who will Make Disciples

The Jesus Track is designed to help you fall in love with Jesus and to grow in your relationship with Him. Our incredible team of teachers and leaders will equip you to grow in your understanding of the life of Jesus by studying the Gospel of John together. This Track will also strengthen you in your daily personal walk with Him. Give us a year in the this Track, and we promise you that you will know, love, and follow Jesus at a whole new level!  Our Men’s and Women’s Tuesday night Bible Studies and our amazing six month Followers Made Discipleship Program all fall under the Jesus Track.

The Scripture Track is all about helping you to see the world through the lens of the Bible. Our Teaching Team for this Track all have decades of ministry experience and have advanced degrees in Theology and Biblical Studies. The Scripture Track will take you on three “Tours.” One, we will Tour the Bible, with the goal of teaching you how to handle and understand this incredible Book that God has given us. Two, we will take a Tour of Apologetics, where we will grapple with difficult questions and find answers to those questions rooted in the Scripture. Three, we will do a Tour of Theology, where we will survey the key doctrines that make up the pillars of our Christian faith. The Scripture Track is taught in a lecture format, followed by engaging discussions around tables, led by trained leaders who want to get to know you and to help you on your spiritual journey! Join us!

Every follower of Jesus is called to “make disciples.” The Leadership Track has been built to help you with the tools and methods that you need in your journey to be a follower of Jesus who makes disciples. This Track is super practical. You will be surrounded by like-minded Christ-followers who also are seeking to impact others spiritually.  Come help us change the world through the Leadership Track!

Life happens. Challenges face all of us from time to time. At times many of us experience hard things such as marital and parenting issues, divorce, financial obstacles, grief due to the death of loved ones, and various other challenges. The Life Track is designed specifically for those wanting encouragement and hope in the various challenging seasons that all of us face in this life.  Our teachers and leaders have all been there and are passionate about helping to give you the Biblical teaching, spiritual encouragement, and the needed community to help you through the season of life that you are in.  In this Track we also provide Discipleship Groups that spend time discussing the previous Sunday’s messages. Our incredible “Leaders Made” 10-month discipleship program falls under the Life Track.