Request Deadlines


6 Weeks

Design & Print

4-6 Weeks


2 Weeks

promotion levels

* Limited space alloted first to Level 1 and 2 Events happening at the time.

Level 1Level 2Level 3
Website Event CreatedXXX
Facebook Event CreatedXXX
App Event Created4 Weeks3 Weeks* 2 Weeks
Social MediaCampaign / AdsPost to Ministry GroupPost to Ministry Group
Invite PostcardXX
Digital Signage3-4 Weeks* 2 Weeks
Event Specific Email* 1
App Notification* 1

the process

Step 1



Proof and edit your copy. Remove unnecessary or redundant content.

Obtain approvals from your direct report before submitting request.

Obtain approval for your Rooms and Resources and Audio Visual Request in CCB before submitting your event.

Be ready to provide complete information on the request.

Step 2


On Tuesdays, the Communications Team will review all new requests.

The project will either be added to Asana or the project lead will be asked for more information.

If briefs are incomplete, they will not be processed until the following Tuesday.

Depending on project level, a creative/planning meeting may be scheduled.

All correspondence from this step on will happen in Asana.

Step 3


For projects that require design, project lead will submit 1-3 options for approval within 2 weeks.

Ministry will get all approvals required and submit revisions to project lead.

Step 4


Communications will submit a final version to ministry for proofing only. Copy and detail changes will be made.

All final assets will be uploaded to the project in Asana.

If there is a printing cost, your ministry area will be responsible for the cost. A quote will be sent to the project lead.

Step 5


Debriefing is essential to measure the efficacy of our promotion plan.

Complete the form below to debrief your event.