Mental Health Resources

Living in a broken world means that life can often feel hard, messy, and overwhelming. Toxic or fractured relationships, addiction, temptation, trauma, anxiety, and depression are just a few of the many things that threaten the state of our mental health.

Here at Journey, we want you to know that you’re not alone in your struggle. We see you, and more importantly, Jesus sees you. While the gospel provides us with abundant hope, it can be hard to avoid getting caught in the mess of life. That’s why we want to provide you with additional resources to help you through difficult times.

It’s our prayer that these resources bring you comfort and healing. If you’re in need of spiritual support, or simply want the peace of knowing that someone is praying for you, please contact our Spiritual Care team.

For more specific group support, check out our Care Groups below.


Grief Support

We offer a variety of grief support options at Journey, and have several care groups focused on grief, loss, and healing, Additionally, several counselors listed below specialize in grief counseling.



DivorceCare’s curriculum guides people on the path to recovery after divorce or separation. This group offers life-changing support and a safe space to connect and heal with peers going through a similar experience.


Financial Peace University

Created by finance expert Dave Ramsey, FPU is a nine-lesson course that gives you greater financial security by teaching you how to save for emergencies, pay off debt, and spend wisely.


Celebrate Recovery

This recovery program aims to help those struggling with harmful habits by showing them the loving power of Jesus. We provide a safe place to share experiences and victories with others who are walking the same path.


Substance Abuse Resources


Christian Counselors in the Kansas City area

If you’re in need of counseling, therapy, or spiritual care, please utilize these resources to get the help you need. The list below is just a few of the many Christian counseling resources available in the KC area. This is not a comprehensive list of providers in our area, and Journey does not officially endorse any counseling providers. Please use discretion and check references for listings. 

Special thanks to Jimmy Dodd, CEO of PastorServe, for his help in developing this list.

Keith Bond, MA, LCP
Keith Bond has been practicing his craft of counseling for over 10 years and has thousands of direct and professional hours within his experience. He has been a licensed clinical supervisor for over three years and has logged thousands of hours honing his craft while training and discipling over 150 counseling professionals over the years.

[email protected]
Located in Raymore, MO


Julie Boan, MA, LCPC, NCC
Attachment-based counselor licensed in Kansas and Missouri, specializing in couples, women, and trauma. Julie is a highly recommended counselor  for women, individuals, children, and couples. She is also EMDR certified.

[email protected]

Located in Overland Park, KS


Rick Pierce, MA, LCPC, HeartStrong Ministry

Excellent resource specifically for those with marriage issues. Regarded as one of the best male marriage counselors in the area. Rick’s counseling style focuses on secure love in the gospel within a theoretical framework of attachment theory and systemic thinking.

[email protected]

Located in Overland Park, KS


Elizabeth Nelson, MA, LCPC

Liz is an attachment-based counselor that specializes in anxiety, stress, relational management, and marriage issues. She offers counseling for both individuals and couples, and is licensed in the state of Kansas.

[email protected]

Located in Overland Park, KS


Adam Lynch, MA, LMFT, New Leaf Counseling

Specializes in counseling for anxiety, mild to moderate depression, couples (including dating, pre-marital and marital), and addiction of all kinds (not including eating disorders or gambling issues). He is also certified in crisis intervention as a pastoral counselor.

[email protected]

Located in Kansas City, MO


Dr. Todd Frye, PhD, LCPC, LCMFT, NCC

Dr. Frye is an attachment-based therapist that specializes in marriage counseling and sexual addiction. He is also the Chair of the Counselor Education Department at MidAmerica Nazarene University.

[email protected]
Located in Olathe, KS


Dr. Todd Bowman, PhD, LPC

An expert in the area of emotional intimacy. For those struggling with pornography, sexual addiction, and/or sexual trauma, Todd is an exceptional resource. He is also an associate professor of counseling at MidAmerica Nazarene University.

[email protected]
Located in Olathe, KS


Karen Rash, MA, LCPC

Karen has been practicing for over 20 years and has a heart for anxiety issues, grief and loss, as well as marriage therapy.

[email protected]
Located in Olathe, KS


Lindsey Layzell, MA, LCMFT

Lindsey is a licensed marriage and family therapist, but also works with individuals and adolescents. With 15 years of counseling experience, Lindsey strives to integrate psychology and theology into the safety of the therapeutic relationship.

[email protected]
Located in Overland Park, KS


Jennifer Groene, MA, LCMFT

Jennifer has been in private practice for over 20 years, and specializes in women’s issues (depression, anxiety, setting boundaries, single parenting, divorce, trauma, and managing life), pre-marital counseling, and marriage counseling. She is an attachment-based therapist.

[email protected]
Located in Lawrence, KS


Bren Tally, MS, LCMFT

Bren has strong areas of passion that include attachment and emotionally focused therapy, narrative therapy, and internal family systems. She specializes in family, couple, and individual therapy. 

[email protected]
Located in Leawood, KS

Rebecca Meyer, MA, Cross Care Counseling

Rebecca is one of the best counselors in Kansas City for teens and young women. She specializes in trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression, life transitions (college and post-graduation), spiritual abuse, self-harm, same-sex attraction, gender dysphoria, and pre-marital and marriage counseling.   

[email protected]


Dr. Tricia Brown, PhD, LCPC, NCC

Dr. Brown counsels children, adolescents, individuals, and couples in a variety of life circumstances, with a focus on hearts, behaviors, families, and kids. She is one of the best family and adolescent counselors in the area.

[email protected]
Located in Olathe, KS


Dr. Chuck Lynch, PhD, Living Foundation Ministries

With decades of experience, Dr. Lynch is an excellent one-on-one pastoral counselor. He’s dedicated his career to helping people through Biblical counseling.

Located in Blue Springs, MO


Ken Howard, MS, LMFT, Aspen Partnership

Specializes in premarital counseling and conflict resolution after an affair. Ken also helps couples gain the skills and tools necessary to achieve strong attachment bonds with each other.

[email protected]
Located in Kansas City, MO


Carla W. Voss, MS, LPC

Specializes in counseling individuals, specifially those struggling with PTSD, depression and anxiety, and adjusting to life changes. She also offers parents useful interventions to assist in parenting their adolescents. EMDR certified.

816-399-3363 x1
Located in Kansas City, MO


Dr. Chantele Ferguson, PhD, Jefferson Street Associates

Using a cognitive-behavioral approach, Dr. Ferguson provides therapy for individuals, married couples, families, and adolescents. She helps children work through a variety of issues, and equips parents with proven parenting techniques.

[email protected]
Located in Lee’s Summit


Abundant Life Counseling Center (ALCC)

ALCC values people, healing, and emotional wellness. We practice a counseling model that views Scripture as the key to understanding the essence of what it means to be human and provide guidance to live life abundantly. ALCC has both licensed and pre-licensed counselors specializing in every age group and life experience.

Located in Lee’s Summit and Blue Springs, MO


Melissa Jones, MS, LCP, Meadowlark Psychology & Development Center

Utilizing psychotherapy and talk therapy, Melissa helps clients who have been experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, and/or anger for a significant period of time and are seeking help.

[email protected]
Located in Overland Park, KS


Barry McAnulty, MSW, LCSW, LSCSW

Barry offers child, family, individual, marital, and couples counseling, and also serves as a life consultant. He specializes in offering assessments, evaluations, and treatment for both children and adults within his areas of expertise.

Located in Lee’s Summit, MO


Shelia Benzon, ACBC Certified

Shelia is a board-certified Biblical counselor and is the director of Woman to Woman Ministry.  She is a people helper with over 20 years of experience ministering to women, families, and singles.

[email protected]
Located in Blue Springs, MO


Dr. Elaine Strid, PhD, LPC

Dr. Elaine offers both individual and relational counseling using the Bible as the basis for recovery, combined with the most effective current therapy techniques.  She specializes in domestic violence, sexual trauma recovery, marriage & family, depression, anxiety, EMDSR, communication, forgiveness, brain integration, recovery from partner sexual addiction & infidelity, and conflict resolution.

816-622-3171 x726
[email protected]
Located in Belton, MO