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Sometimes life gets in the way of making it to a church service — or even streaming it in real time. Sometimes a particular message resonates with you and you’d like to hear it again. For these reasons, all our church sermons are recorded and available online.

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Marcellus Casey - February 25, 2024

A Sermon That Will Get You Arrested

Marcellus Casey, one of our teaching pastors and Kansas City Chiefs Chaplin, continues week two of our series, The Power and the Pressure of a Jesus Movement. He draws parallels between the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah and the apostle Peter, emphasizing the importance of faithfully delivering God's truth revealing the power of God and the necessity of repentance. Peter, like Jeremiah, faced opposition and persecution for speaking the truth, which included healing a man in Jesus' name and urging people to refocus their allegiance to God. Marcellus encourages listeners to embrace the challenge of delivering uncomfortable truths and to seek God's guidance rather than idolizing individuals. Additionally, he shares a personal story of witnessing genuine repentance and emphasizes the power and importance of repentance and seeking forgiveness for sins, which is available to everyone.

Scripture References: Acts 3:11-26

From Series: "The Power and the Pressure of a Jesus Movement"

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