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Leadership Track

Small Groups for Becoming a More Effective Disciple-Maker

As Christians, we’re called to be leaders for Jesus — in our church, families, schools, and workplaces. When we know God, His Word, and how to apply biblical truths to our own lives, it’s our responsibility to help others do the same. By being a light in a dark world, we can give hope to the hopeless and inspire people far from God to become passionate Christians who make a difference in the world.

Not only does guiding members of our community have a positive outward impact, but it also allows us to grow in our personal walk with Christ.

Explore our Leadership Track and register for a small group. We can’t wait to see you become the disciple-maker you were created to be!

The Leadership Track Path

Followers Made is a six-month curriculum built and modeled after Jesus’s disciple-making rhythms. Through this first stage of the Leadership Track, you’ll learn spiritual habits, build genuine community, encourage high-investment interactions, multiply leaders, and unleash people to become missionaries in every area of their lives. Sign Up For This Group
After the conclusion of Followers Made, members of the Leadership Track will move onto the next step—Leaders Made. Leaders Made is an in-depth, focused experience aimed at developing disciples who inspire and guide others along the same path. During this 10-month program, group participants will dive even deeper into their calling to discern where their leadership can make the greatest kingdom impact.

Taking your next step in spiritual growth and discipleship can be intimidating. Even the term “discipleship” can be intimidating, but it’s as simple as “following and follower.” These groups follow a three-tiered approach, beginning with Discipleship I: Following Jesus, followed by Discipleship II: Apprenticing Jesus, and ending with Discipleship III: Sharing Jesus. These three courses are intended to be taken in sequential order.

This curriculum has been designed to help you take your next step toward spiritual maturity, overcome the power of sin, study your Bible more deeply, and help others follow Jesus.

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Foster A Love of Christ in Others

Are you moved to become a disciple-maker who builds committed followers of Jesus? Are you ready to engage in a high-accountability, focused Track that is designed to help you develop Jesus-like character and discover your unique calling?

If you answered, “Yes,” to one or both of these, then our Leadership Track small groups would be a great fit for you. Through this Track, you’ll go through several stages of strengthening your own faith and character, acquiring a new understanding of Biblical knowledge, developing critical leadership skills, identifying your calling, and applying all of this to help lead others in their faith journey.

Become a Small Group Leader

After completing our Leadership Track, you may feel inspired to lead a group of your own. Check out how you can get involved and help others take the next step of their spiritual journey.