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Adult Ministries

Everyone Has a Next Step at Journey Church International

When you’ve committed to following Jesus, you’re born again and begin a lifelong journey of growing in His likeness and image. But like anything, growth requires consistency. To deepen your faith and move forward in your walk with Christ, you need to seek out opportunities to spend time with God and other like-minded believers who can help, support, and encourage you. 

At Journey Church International, we offer a wide range of adult ministries because we believe in helping one another become more passionate and impactful Christians. There’s truly something for everyone here — whether you’re interested in studying the Bible with a group or want to spread the Gospel beyond our church walls. 

Whatever your age and stage of life, you have a next spiritual step. Explore our adult ministries and see how you can be more connected to Jesus and Journey.

Get Plugged In Through Adult Ministry

There are multiple adult ministry opportunities at our church, in our community, and around the world. When you get involved at Journey, you’ll experience spiritual growth on a whole other level.

Growth Track

Growth Track is one of the easiest (and best!) ways to take your next step at our church in Lee’s Summit. Each week you’ll have the opportunity to walk through this process, which is designed to help you uncover your spiritual gifts and learn how to use them in a way that fulfills God’s purpose for you.


Our small groups are an integral part of Journey because life is better together! Across four Discipleship Tracks, you’ll learn more about Jesus, the Word of God, how to apply Scripture, and what it means to share the Gospel with others — all in the company of other Christians.

Care Groups

Our Care Groups exist to offer hope, healing, and support through life’s most difficult seasons. Whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone. When you join one of our Care Groups, you’ll build community and find encouragement through hard times.

Community Impact

If we want to be a church that makes a difference in the world (and we do!), then we must start in our local community. Whether you feel called to volunteer at our Journey Impact Center or volunteer at a Serve Saturday project, we have impact opportunities all throughout the Kansas City area.

Global Impact

We learn from the Great Commission that being a Christian is about much more than having faith; we also must exemplify God’s love and share the Gospel with those who otherwise may have never heard it. We put this into action through mission trips and other Global Impact initiatives.

Make Your Faith Known Through Baptism

If you’re a new believer or have recently recommitted your life to Christ, we encourage you to be baptized by immersion at our church in Lee’s Summit. Baptism serves as an initial step in announcing your faith and represents the transformation that has happened within you.