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This summer, we challenge you to take your relationship with God to the next level through our Come & Surrender initiative. Spending consistent time in God’s Word and in prayer is the surest way to stay connected with Him and grow in your faith.

This summer, we challenge you to surrender just 1% more of your time to focused time with Jesus—whether that’s reading the Bible, praying, or diving into uplifting Christian biographies.

Focusing on the Psalms is a great place to start. Studying these rich passages will help you better understand God’s character and how to approach Him in every season of life. We promise if you give God just 1% more of your time and attention this summer, you’ll be amazed by the spiritual impact it has.

Let’s dive into summer together and see what God has in store.

Summer in the Psalms Bible Reading Plan

The Book of Psalms is a collection of 150 poetic and lyrical songs found in the Old Testament. These psalms cover a wide range of emotions, experiences, and themes, including praise, worship, thanksgiving, lament, repentance, and supplication.

Because of the wide range of themes, emotions, and time periods covered in this book, the psalms are beneficial for any believer to help them grow spiritually, praise God, trust Him in hard times, pray deeper,  reflect on God’s character, and meditate on His influence in our lives.

Additional Resources & Recommended Reading

Psalms Study Guides & Commentaries