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Sometimes life gets in the way of making it to a church service — or even streaming it in real time. Sometimes a particular message resonates with you and you’d like to hear it again. For these reasons, all our church sermons are recorded and available online.

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Christian Newsome - January 21, 2024

Us and Them

In this week's sermon Pastor Christian explores the significance of the mission of Jesus and the role of the Holy Spirit in devoting one's life to it. He references the story of Pentecost, emphasizing its importance as a timeline marker and global celebration of God's encounter with people. Pastor Christian encourages the audience to pray and study the Bible more deeply to gain understanding. He also discusses the impact of living a Christ-like life and the importance of allowing the Holy Spirit to fill and fuel individuals as evidence of the Gospel's relevance to people's deepest needs.

Scripture References: Acts 2:1-12

From Series: "Consecrated"

A series on following Jesus – fulfilling the mission walking through Acts 1 & 2.

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