Sponsoring a child provides the child with nutritious food, durable clothing, school supplies, and medical care.



Sponsoring a child is only $35/month!

Journey Church International offers child sponsorship through our partner organization, WorldHelp. For $35 a month, children in Las Sidras and Peña Blanca receive clothes, food, clean water, school supplies, and a meaningful connection with their sponsor. 

Child sponsorship also provides a way for children to have educational assistance and keeps them in school. The most important thing is that children who get sponsored through WorldHelp are told about the Gospel and given chances to be in Bible studies to learn more about Jesus. 

People who participate in child sponsorship are mutually encouraged by their sponsor child when they read about what God is doing in their lives. 


Ways you can engage with your sponsored child:

Praying for your child is one of the most important ways to engage with them. Pray for their physical, spiritual & emotional health. Pray they would experience God’s love, that their community would thrive & have an environment centered around Jesus.

Children love getting letters from their sponsors! It reminds them that they are valued at their & it’s a great way to show your child that you love them. Learn more about writing your child letters here.

Children love receiving gifts from their sponsors! You can send your sponsored child a small gift in a small envelope size. Learn more about mailing gifts here.

You have the unique opportunity to visit your sponsored child on a JCI Global Impact Trip to Guatemala! Learn about our Guatemala Trips here.