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Journey's Live Production Ministry Team

Use Modern Technology for God's Glory

The Production Team exists to facilitate a distraction free environment where people experience the presence of God. We on Production get the incredible opportunity to make that happen.

Col. 3:17 says, “Whatever you do… do in the name of the Lord.” On production, we don’t “Have to,” we “Get to!” We Get to create a welcoming environment for worship to help impact people’s experience. Continue reading to learn more!

Production Team

Production doesn't happen just on Sundays! We have events every day of the week that require our team to help minister to people using technology. Our team is responsible for all audio, lighting, and stage needs. We can use help in every area, regardless of experience!

Video Team

Using video technology, we can replicate the experience production creates in the room and share it across the globe! The video team plays such a crucial roll in storytelling and creating intimacy by sharing the closeness of the stage on the screen and by magnifying God’s text to make available for people to read.

Almost 60% of our livestream is viewed by people outside of the KC metro area.

Questions About Our Video & Production Team?