Strategic partnerships to broaden our global reach and double our efforts

While we know we can make a difference in the world on our own, we also know we can make an even bigger impact by partnering with other like-minded organizations in different countries, with different resources, and with different connections.

Our partnerships span almost every continent, and we even have partnerships with local, Kansas City-based organizations that have a global reach. Check out some of our key global impact partners and learn more about what they do.



Field Life is a ministry that helps cross-cultural workers stay healthy and effective so they can fulfill their calling in missions. Most global workers don’t have the relevant and ongoing care they need to ensure lasting impact on the field. Field Life is committed to serving missionaries on the field with neutral encouragement, coaching, and training for long-term success.


For more than 30 years, Hope of Life has existed to rescue people from generational poverty and spiritual depravity. From the moment Hope of Life started, their vision has always been to rescue the future generations of Guatemala and the world through the power of a practical Gospel.


Open Eyes is an organization that exists to accelerate the Gospel to the unreached. Founded on the vision of creating ways to show people that there is hope in Jesus Christ, Open Eyes equips local leaders with training to lead those in their communities.


Tents of Mercy’s vision is to be an oasis for Israel’s returning exiles and for her native-born sons and daughters. They desire to reach people with the Gospel through providing refuge and supplies, and healing and equipping those they minister to.


WorldHelp was born out of a sincere desire to help those in need, not only spiritually, but physically. They work with partners and donors to supply necessary resources in impoverished countries. They also connect donors with ministries that are already in other countries that need resources.


In our newest region, we are developing multiple local partnerships to help spread the Gospel. We are praying for a revival in Scotland and that God will use Journey to help bring it to the area. We will partner with ministries to reach young people all over Scotland showing them God’s love.


If you’re unable to go on a mission trip, we have several local opportunities for you to serve in a global capacity. There are several refuge organizations that are here in Kansas City that our church partners with. The refugees at these organizations are people who often are from war-torn countries, and have come here having to start over in life. 

Not everyone is called to be a missionary, but we are all called to live on mission for God. We have a huge opportunity right here, right now to serve those from other nations in our city that may have never heard the Gospel before. There are several ways you can serve refugees in our city. Here is a list of organizations our church works with that you can start serving with now:

Refuge Serving Opportunities

  • Agape Pamoja
  • Refuge KC
  • Dela Lamb

Cross-Cultural Opportunities

  • Kansas City Dream Center
  • Mission Adelante

To learn more about our local, cross-cultural partners, visit our Community Impact page.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

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