Student Worship Team Auditions

We’re always looking for talented, passionate music-lovers to add to our Student Worship Team. If you’re a musician or a vocalist interested in joining the Student Ministry worship team at Journey Church International, we’d love to hear from you. Below is the process for applying and submitting an audition.

Phase One

Please take a video of yourself playing or singing along with the songs we’ve selected below by using the resource packet we’ve provided here.

When you’re ready to submit the video(s), fill out our Student worship team application and upload your video(s) in the appropriate file field. You will receive a follow-up email from our team once we’ve reviewed your application and audition.

These are the songs we ask you use for your audition:

Acoustic Guitar: Graves Into Gardens, Key of B

Bass Guitar: I Believe, Key of Bb

Drums: I Believe, Key of Bb

Electric Guitar: We Praise You, Key of A

Keys: King of Kings, Key of D

Female Vocals: Chain Reaction, Key of B OR King of Kings, Key of C

Male Vocals: Hindsight, Key of B OR Nothing Else, Key of B


Phase Two

If you are selected to continue, we will set up a live audition in the Auditorium. After the evaluation, we will contact you within a week and discuss how it went and if you’re ready for a position within Student Ministry.

Please note, to join the Student Worship Team, you must be a regular attendee of Journey Church International. If you have not attended Journey for three to six months (three for instrumentalists and six for co-leaders/vocalists), please go ahead with the evaluation but know that you will not be placed until you’ve made that commitment to the church.

Questions? Contact us at [email protected].