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Group Leaders Training

Foster & Encourage Life-Changing Spiritual Growth as a Group Leader

Welcome to our Group Leaders’ Training Hub, your resource for all things related to leading a discipleship group.

Here at Journey, you don’t have to be a pastor to lead a small group. Regardless of your knowledge and skillset, you can lead a group. All you have to bring to the table is an open heart for God to move through you.

Our prayer is that you find this resource hub useful as you work to create communities where men and women are becoming passionate Christians who make a difference at our church in Lee’s Summit, in the Kansas City area, and in the world.

As you proceed through each group leader training module, be sure to watch the video in each section first, before downloading and completing the corresponding worksheet. At the end of each section, please verify that you’ve completed that module by clicking the link and filling out a brief form.

Not a group leader yet? No problem! Start here before you complete the training modules below.

Getting Started

Guidelines for Group Leaders

The key to success for any endeavor is a solid foundation, and being a group leader is no different. As a group leader at Journey, we want you to understand your primary purpose, as well as set clear guidelines for success. In this section, you’ll learn more about your purpose as a group leader, as well as review some guidelines to help you maintain a healthy group.

Providing Soul Care

Lead by Example

Taking care of your own  soul is foundational to leading a healthy group. Your daily walk with Jesus is the place from which great ministry overflows into the hearts and lives of those in your group. Our vision is that your group is one that demonstrates great care and mobilizes others to care for each other. We also want you to know the spiritual condition of those in your group so that you can provide specific encouragement for them to maintain a healthy walk with Jesus.

Leading Different Personalities

Value Unique Perspectives

Sometimes it can be a challenge to lead a group when you have a lot of different personalities in the room. This section is designed to help you as the group leader guide your group members in such a way that their unique strengths and perspectives contribute to the group’s success. When the whole group is successful, each person feels cared for individually.

Shepherding Your Group Well

Helpful Tips for Group Leaders

The ability to foster close relationships and shepherd others well is critical for every small group leader. The primary reasons people join a church group, besides for spiritual growth, is to build new friendships and form new bonds. As group leaders, you are the catalyst of these relationships and have the unique opportunity to bring people together.

Navigating Conflict

Helpful Tips for Group Leaders

There will be disagreements and tension from time to time, and as a small group leader, it’s your responsibility to help those in your group navigate through those conflicts in a healthy, respectful way. Here, we share a few tips for you as group leaders to turn conflict into something that strengthens the relationships in your group.

Additional Training for Family Ministry Leaders

If you’re a group leader for Journey Junior, Journey Kids, and/or Journey Students, please take the time to watch the videos below once you’ve completed the above training modules.


We’d love to help answer any other questions you may have about being a group leader at Journey. Send us a message and let’s chat.

Make an Impact Outside of Our Local Church Walls

With multiple church ministries and opportunities to get involved, we get that it can be a challenge to know exactly where to start. We’re here to help! Contact our ministry team and together, we’ll discuss the ways you can engage with our church and connect with Jesus on a deeper level.