Learn more about what the Scripture Track has to offer and explore the content you’ll cover within this Track.


Scripture Track groups take you through three main focal points throughout the semester, covering a variety of topics within each emphasis. Scripture Track groups meet on Sunday evenings or on Tuesday evenings. The groups are identical, so you only need to register for the one that best fits your schedule.

We’ll start our Scripture Track groups with an eight-week Tour of the Bible, with the goal of teaching you how to handle and understand this incredible book that God has given us.

Following the Tour of the Bible, we’ll move into a six-week Tour of Apologetics, where we will grapple with difficult questions and find answers to those questions rooted in Scripture.

To finish out our year in the Scripture Track, we’ll wrap up with an eight-week Tour of Theology, where we’ll survey the key doctrines that make up the pillars of our Christian faith.


Do you wish you knew more about the Bible—about what you believe, and why you believe it? The Scripture Track is all about helping you to see the world through the lens of the Bible. Our leaders for this Track all have decades of ministry experience and have advanced degrees in theology and Biblical studies.

When you join the Scripture Track, you’ll be taken on three “tours”: a tour of the Bible, a tour of apologetics, and a tour of theology. The Scripture Track is taught in a lecture format, followed by engaging discussions around tables that are led by trained leaders who want to get to know you and help you on your spiritual journey.

All Scripture Track groups will be held on Sunday and Tuesday evenings at Journey Church in Lee’s Summit.

Group Childcare

Limited childcare is available for children aged six weeks through 5th grade for small groups that meet at Journey in Lee’s Summit. Childcare is first come, first served for those who register and pay ahead of time. Note that Monday night childcare is ONLY for Care Groups, and does not require payment (but advanced registration is still required.)

The cost of childcare for this semester is $40 per family, regardless of group length.

If you’re in need of childcare, please indicate this in the appropriate field on the individual group registration forms. You will be taken through an additional process after you register for a group to sign up and pay for childcare.


Below are a few resources we recommend all our Scripture Track group members look into. Additionally, weekly notes from each group meeting will be posted here on the website, and recordings of each class will be available on our YouTube channel.


You don’t need any special experience or knowledge to be a group leader. All you need is a heart for Jesus and a willingness to let God use you in new ways.